Dr. Lale Massiha,

University of Tabriz, Iran

“otherness” is what every speaking subject unknowingly experiences from the time she/he identifies herself/himself with the image in the mirror, considering the initial misrecognision of self/other(Lacan).  Some subjects, like Lilly and Dr. Aziz, in Camilla Gibb’s “Sweetness in the Belly”, however, experience double “otherness” because of their different linguistic and socio-cultural position in the context of the society they live in or belong to. They are being considered different in various ways; Lilly is the whitest and Aziz is the darkest! But both experience this otherness in society and within the family in their own ways. This paper attempts to figure the roots of their otherness: Lilly as an English person who lives in orient but shares the beliefs and Aziz as a modern doctor who lives in his homeland but has different beliefs. Sharing the sense of “otherness”, they build a strong emotional connection as “outsiders”. Does being strangers bond them to one another?


The above abstract is part of the article which was accepted at The Third International Conference on Current Issues of Languages, Dialects and Linguistics (WWW.LLLD.IR)  & The Fifth National Conference on English Studies and Linguistics (WWW.ELTL.IR) , 31 January-1February 2019 , Iran-Ahwaz.